Sendai Wagyu AZUMAN




In our restaurant AZUMAN, as taking a theme of charcoal grilled SENDAY WAGYU,
We serve original outstanding cuisine by special chef with using fresh seasonal food.
Please have a whale of time on our insistence of gastronomy and Miyagi food.


AZUMAN Special Charcoal Grill Course


Please contact us if you want to know the detail of course of the day.


■ Amuse Bouche

■ Seasonal Hors d’oeuvre

■ Warm dish of the day


Please choose SENDAI WAGYU under the below;

Tenderloin or Sirloin or Chateaubriand
※Extra charge ¥2,000 when you choose Chateaubriand

■ Seasonal Vegetable Charcoal Grill
■ Herb Salad AZUMAN Original Dressing


■ Rice cuisine and Miso Soup

■ Dessert of the day
(Coffee or Tea included)


※Tax and Service fee 10% will be added.